On-Wing Services

24/7 Service
Worldwide Support
Coordinated Efforts to Reduce Ground Time
Quick Response Times
Specialized in Fan Case Abradable and Composite Repairs
FAA Licensed A&P Mechanics and Repairmen

Specialized Services

  • Abradable Repairs/Replacement
  • Trenchfiller Repairs
  • Kevlar Repairs
  • Flange Repairs
  • Composite Repairs
  • Corrosion Repairs
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Engines Supported

  • CF6-80 (all series)
  • GE90 (all series)
  • CF34 (all series)
  • CFM56 (all series)
  • GEnx
  • LEAP
  • Passport
  • LM2500
  • LM6000
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