CTL Aerospace is a full-service NADCAP certified composite-manufacturing company providing services to the major aerospace and governmental organizations since 1946. Our company specializes in the manufacturing of fiber reinforced polymer structures.

Our Culture

Are you looking for stability and job security that only a family-owned company with an excellent track record of success for over 70 years and still growing can offer? Are you tired of being a small fish in a big pond and want to make a major impact where you work? Do you desire owning projects from cradle to grave? A job at CTL Aerospace may be your ticket!

The Benefits

See our current benefits page here.

Job Openings

We are seeking motivated professionals who want to make daily impacts in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment!

A Master Craftsman

"I first started as a Lay-Up operator. After working for 28 years I have become a Master Craftsman in that position. Later became a Lead Person. You can move your way up in this company."

An Incredible Place to Work

"CTL’s core values and belief system that CTL Aerospace reflects are pivotal in making our company an incredible place to work."

Family for Me

"For years, the military community was part of my extended family.  Once I left the military, I no longer had that sense of belonging.  CTL has become that family for me.  I feel like I belong here and I love interacting with everyone I work with."

Unwavering Commitment and Contributions to the Trade.

"As a Director, I find gratification seeing my peers and subordinates get similar opportunities for career advancements because of their unwavering commitment and contributions to the trade. Combining the many passionate employees with a culture that promotes quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, the desire to win at CTL is enormous!"

I Make a Contribution

"Having the opportunity at CTL and learning from aerospace professionals has helped me grow to the level that I am proud of as a human being. Working at CTL has made me proud to know that I make a contribution to the success of our country’s present and future."