CTL History

CTL was founded in 1946 as the Cincinnati Testing Laboratories. The company’s early focus was space. They were a leader in tape winding of re-entry vehicles and rocket nozzles.  CTL formulated and provided NASA with the resin system for the heat shield that protected the re-entry vehicles' return to earth.


Market Leader

CTL expanded its market reach into gas turbine engine components, leveraging its experience in phenolic resin systems. CTL was an active participant at the forefront of the space and jet age in the United States.


Family Owned

In 1983, The company was acquired by Mr. James C. Irwin and continues today as a private, family owned, and operated business. The business has grown and diversified under the Irwin family into many markets of the aerospace and defense industry, providing for both commercial and military applications of advanced composite components. 



CTL is a supplier to every major gas turbine engine manufacturer and aircraft OEM and continues to innovate in the use of advanced composite systems for their customers.