GE90 Abradable Replacement
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AS9100 Rev D

CTL Aerospace, Inc.
Aviation Repair and Overhaul Division
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Repair and Overhaul Division

CTL Aerospace, Inc. Repair Division specializes in fan case repair, and on wing repair. Repair Division has many advanced capabilities such as; reverse engineering , integrated autoclave and ovens, overhead crane capacity, paint booths, non-destructive testing, 5-axis machining and routing, waterjet and plastic media stripping, certified weld repairs and clean rooms. Our customers have our commitment to quality work at competitive pricing, supported by courteous and responsive services. We appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate out preferential services to you.

CTL is proud to provide repair and overhaul services for the following engine platforms:

  • CF34 (all series)
  • CFM56 (all series)
  • CF6 (all series)
  • GE90 (all series)
  • LM Series (aeroderivative)
Part Types Currently Repaired and Overhauled
  • Fan Cases
  • Exhaust Nozzles
  • Booster Cases
  • Spinner Cones
  • Fan Shrouds
  • Seals (Rotating & Non-Rotating)
  • Acoustic Panels and Liners
  • Spanner Nuts
  • Bearing Nuts
  • Coupling Nuts
  • Bearing Retainers
  • Fan Platforms (Annulus Fillers)
  • Vane Shrouds
  • Vanes
  • Fairings (Metal & Composite)
  • Inlet Ducts
  • Air Collectors
  • Inlet Screens